This is Aeldr

Aeldr is a space for new-level self-awareness and self-care that fits a modern life in all of its complexity and fullness. What we offer here will always be anchored in accessible, everyday tools that support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as strengthen the ability to listen to and lead with our own inner elder in daily life.

First out is the self-care part of Aeldr, Modern Rituals. Modern Rituals (MR) takes the glam filter and guesswork out of self-care and makes recharging and regulating on the daily an actual possibility. It is as much for you to fill up your cup on all levels, as it is for the wellbeing of this entire organism that we are a part of.

For more, check out ‘Modern Rituals’ Root System‘.

Elenore Bendel Zahn, founder

Elenore consults and innovates in sustainability and wellbeing. Her work has led to projects such as live workshops, an app, a tv-show, building a green-ish house, and freelance work for companies looking for her expertise in sustainability, wellness, and creative consulting. Elenore’s core focus has always been to care for the planet that we are a part of. To do so, an accessible formula to come home to ourselves and land in our own inner elders, is needed. This is how Aeldr and its first concept, Modern Rituals was born. Check out ‘How It All Started‘ for more.

For the curious kind, Elenore is a mother of 2 (+ 1), an HD Projector, an Aquarius sun, Aries moon, and Virgo rising based in Sweden.