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We give you Modern Rituals™ – merging somatics, elemental wellness, and neuroscience into the tool to regulate and nourish in daily life. and make it last.


The Starter Kit

This is the ultimate Modern Rituals jumpstart and what’s inside will make your jaw drop and soul beam. A grounding, sensory moment for you to uncover your Modern Rituals life right now. Wrapped up and delivered to your door.

The Quiz & Guide

Let’s get you started right now! The Quiz takes you straight to your Modern Rituals category and exploring the Guide gives the clarity and how-to’s you need. Real and realistic self-care begins here.

What Modern Rituals does

Offers accessible, everyday all-level self-care

Lowers habitual high stress-levels

Regulates and strengthens our nervous system

Teaches our body to self-regulate
and maintain homeostasis

Brings us out of the fight-or-flight response

Helps us ground and centre in the midst of daily life

What we're not about

Surface-level self-care

Cookie-cutter self-care

Inaccessible and unsustainable self-care

Unrealistic and unnecessary pressure

Ways of caring for yourself that aren’t doable or enjoyable

Listening to teachers instead of tuning into your own inner elder

Daily Dose Workshop

The 28-day self-care challenge. Experience the effect of Modern Rituals in your life. Revolutionize your perception of self-care. Fill up your cup and make it last.

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