How It All Started

by Elenorebz

How It All Started

The downloading process

Today, Beltane, May 1st 2020 marks the start of sharing Aeldr and Modern Rituals with you. I thought I’d be here way sooner but even though it started with a sudden light-bulb moment, its unfolding has needed and still needs much patience. So let me back up a bit.

I had a peculiar feeling the entire week of February 2018. It was my birthday week and I felt like I was floating in time, being prepped to be catapulted onto a path I was meant to be on. There was a sensation of having gathered everything needed for the journey ahead. Life was messy in many ways but all of them was clearing and freeing. We were on the last couple of months of building our dream home and our babes were just, well, babies. One late night while painting wood for our roof it just hit me ’Modern Rituals’. It felt like a clear message from somewhere and during the days, weeks, and months that followed, pieces of a puzzle that grew bigger and bigger revealed itself. I just had to write, put 2 & 2 together and stay open to a process that clearly wasn’t mine to steer or control in any way. 

Just like moving into our new home was like moving into my own heart, seeing the Modern Rituals concept unfold (in all of my journals, voice memos, and on papers taking over my workspace walls) anchored me deeper within my very own core essence. More than ever before I was truly leading with my own inner elder (more on the name download another day).

It was strange but all I could say to Fabian, my husband, was that there was something downloading and that I’d tell him about it once I had a clearer idea of what it was. Months of regular work- & family life went by before I did have a clearer idea, and explaining it all took 3.5 hours. I remember because that’s a pretty long conversation for parents with littles :). More months went by before I could take the ideas to a few others. At that time, a fuller picture of how Modern Rituals could be shared with the world had taken shape and it began to feel pretty real.

So, what is Modern Rituals and Aeldr?

Aeldr is a space for new-level concepts that cultivate self-awareness and self-care in a way that fits a modern life in all of its complexity and fullness. What we offer here will always be anchored in accessible, everyday tools that strengthen our ability to listen to and lead with our own inner elder in daily life.

First out is the self-care part of Aeldr, Modern Rituals. Modern Rituals (MR) takes the glam filter and guesswork out of self-care and makes recharging and regulating on the daily an actual possibility. It is as much for you to fill up your cup on all levels, as it is for the wellbeing of this entire organism that we are a part of, collectively.

The core keys of Modern Rituals are somatics and neuroscience, with a touch of elemental theory. Simply via activating The Trinity Tool (the heart of MR) in tiny everyday grounding Micro Moments, as well as some weekly Macro Moment, we support all-level wellbeing (physical, mental, and emotional) as well as soul-level connection. With The Trinity Tool repetitively used and integrated within our lives, we rewire our brain, regenerate our body, and strengthen our ability to hold life as it is with all of its growth-factors and challenges and we create space for that desired aligned expansion.

At Aeldr, we believe that no one-size-fits-all self-care can create long-lasting, sustainable shifts in mind and body. We believe in you being guided by you (be your own inner elder!) which is why Modern Rituals as a way of caring for yourself and filling up your cup is of course self-awareness-led. We provide a fun, quick quiz that based on who you are and what makes you land, takes you to your optimal MR category of five Starter Rituals. The Quiz & Guide cuts through any cliché self-care noise, making the process of identifying which moments (micro and macro) that ground you on all levels, effortless. Check out the Quiz & Guide and get started on your you-led self-care today!

This is not a time to be misled by what works amazing for others. This is a time where we need to come home to ourselves on the daily — no matter if it’s only seconds or minutes here and there — and now, finally, Modern Rituals provides a way to do so that is easily applicable, creative, and accessible for all.

I am merely scratching the surface of Modern Rituals and Aeldr here but I wanted to provide a little peek into what you can expect and experience going forward.

To invite Modern Rituals and its solid self-care right
now, head to the Quiz & Guide. To find your unique daily, weekly, and monthly MR rhythms (to truly make the benefits last) the digital workshop and 28-day challenge Daily Dose if for you. Lastly, the deep-dives, shares, and support happen on our Instagram, come on over.

Many fun stories and interesting insights to share but we’ll start with this.

Thank you for reading and happy Beltane!

I am so glad you are here,


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