The Modern Rituals’ Root System

by Elenorebz

The Modern Rituals’
Root System

We’re all stronger with a solid root system

This is Modern Rituals’:

Somatics, Neuroscience, and a touch of Elemental Theory.

Let’s check them, and their alchemy out.


A huge key to stepping out of a mind-buzzing, high-alert state, and into a grounded and centred one, is using our physical body. Somatics relates to our ’soma’, our body. Modern Rituals both connects us to our breath as a tool for anchored presence, and we activate our senses for anchored presence. Both of these are really smart and incredibly effective ways to regulate the nervous system and land in our conscious state of mind. This breath- and senses-part live within The Trinity Tool and are thus in the heart of both your MR Micro- and Macro Moments.

Aside from our breath and our senses relating to ’somatics’ within Modern Rituals, we also use our body in the Micro- and Macro Moments. When we use our body in some way, it is easier for our subconscious to be ok with slowing down from our regular patterning of fast and busy. In other words, little actions like your Micro- and Macro Moments will help release the tight grip around being in fight-or-flight mode all the time. Instead, it supports landing in the rest-and-digest mode which is where a lot of the regulating and regenerating medicine can finally take place. This is where your body can relax, digest, and heal. Where your mind can become clear and your perspective wide. Where your emotions can be seen, heard, cared for, and processed. Ps. just a note that the fight-or-flight mode has really important things to offer as well. What we are talking about here is the habitual, non-supportive time spent in that state.


To fill up our cup and feel grounded and nourished in everyday life long-term, we lean on neuroscience. Caring for the self has to be something we can sustain on the daily or it loses its purpose, meaning it won’t work.

Modern Rituals can be practised in seconds, everyday, and there are no special items needed to do so. Because of its easily repetitive nature, a Modern Rituals practice will form new neural pathways rooted in a conscious, regulated state, and overtime this rewires and upgrades our brain. Normally, the conscious mind is only active 5% of the time. Imagine the effect of a brain looping in new aware neural connections instead of outdated go-to patterns. This creates aligned life expansion, stronger mental health, emotional intelligence, as well as a greater resilience and ability to cope with and navigate life in this world.

Elemental Theory

Just like conscious breathing and activating our senses live within The Trinity Tool (the heart of both your MR Micro- and Macro Moments), so does connecting to the elements. The natural elements of earth, fire, wind, water, and ether, offer strong focus points for our sensory experience. The senses and the elements go so well together, and paired with the calm breathing, it’s a true power move and the ultimate recipe for grounding easily and effectively in the midst of daily life.

By noticing little aspects of the elements every day, we almost unknowingly strengthen our relationship to the natural world. This will open us up to remembering just how connected we are to this planet which can create a sense of stability. Seeing this connection on the daily, that we are a part of this entire organism, will offer a feeling of connectedness, respect, and purpose which in and of itself, is very grounding and nourishing.

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Take care of yourselves, it’s a rather radical act!


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