WTF Is New-Level Self-Care?

by Elenorebz

WTF Is New-Level

There are three reasons as to why we call Modern Rituals
new-level self-care and not next-level self-care;

1. Modern Rituals is you-led self-care

Your MR practise is rooted in who you are and what makes you land. We don’t deal in cookie-cutter ways of caring for the self because this is not a time in the world to mess around. We need practices that effectively recharge, regulate, and regenerate each individual where they are now (which ebbs and flows and we meet that too). You will hear us call this self-awareness led self-care.

There is a brilliant quiz that takes you straight to your optimal category of Modern Rituals which you can then base both your micro- and macro moments in. You do you!

2. Modern Rituals is accessible self-care

Let’s be real, not everyone has the life circumstances to draw full on ceremonial baths every day (I don’t have water in my well for that!) and even sitting down for a daily 10 min mindful stretching session can feel like well, a stretch. Modern Rituals holds both Macro Moments and Micro Moments and the highest percentage of your practice will be based in the micro ones. These are around 5 seconds to 5 minutes and still support your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing thanks to The Trinity Tool. Macro Moments are for times when you have a few more minutes (check our Quiz & Guide for your specific Macro Moments) and you can enjoy one to a couple of these weekly.

There are zero speciality items needed to practice Modern Rituals. Here we dig into our spice stash, get creative with nature finds, and stay grounded with the powerful and 100% free Trinity Tool.

3. Modern Rituals is for all levels of wellbeing

We believe in the importance of supporting both the physical, mental, and emotional side of things as well as deepen soul connection (in other words; all-level support). The roots of Modern Rituals lies in somatics and neuroscience, with a touch of elemental theory. The repetitive nature of Modern Rituals combined with The Trinity Tool (which is the easy as 1, 2, 3 heart of all micro- and macro moments) reflects these roots. We are complex beings that live rather complex lives and Modern Rituals cleverly and with great care meets this.

Another level of wellbeing that Modern Rituals fully encompasses is the fact that caring for the self is caring for the all. We are all a part of this organism as a collective, and as we recharge, regulate, and regenerate we affect both ourselves and our ability to support others, and the planet.

When both our physical, mental, emotional, and soul-levels are taken into consideration and cared for, we can begin leading with our own inner elders. This is a revolution in itself.

Now, if this is not new-level, I don’t know what is. Time to switch things up!

I would love to see your #mymodernrituals practices on Instagram. There is nothing like getting inspiration from others accessible, everyday Micro Moments to have breakthroughs of our own!

I’m so glad you are here.


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