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The Starter Kit


The Launch Party Box

A moment for you, all wrapped up and delivered. We created this to
be the Modern Rituals jumpstart and set it at a price so that you could
order one for a friend that needs some gorgeous and grounding care too.

$29 USD


What you get

The Quiz & Guide (sustainably printed magazine edition)

Linen Totebag (upcycled or organic European fabric)

Smoke Cleanse Herbal Bundle (handmade by us)

Elder Tea Flowers (bundle of elderflowers from our hood)

Heirloom Ceremonial Grade Chocolate (fairly- and sustainably grown beans)

For you

Snuggle up on the couch with The Launch Party Box and enjoy
a nourishing moment for you. Even just the stunningly printed
Quiz and Guide makes beginning your MR-practice right away,
so easy.


We ship internationally because we believe everyone needs
a grounding solo moment in the midst of everyday life.

The Modern Rituals Jumpstart

Having core Modern Rituals items in your home, like the
incomparable printed Quiz & Guide presents powerful
reminders to come home to yourself on the daily.

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